2021 reflection

2021 reflection

people who have been surrounding themselves with nostalgia their entire lives. people who surround themselves with the totally new. both cling to youth. people who do neither cling to youth also. the scene in ratatouille when he remembers his moms cooking and cries.

4 months ago i stopped writing to research psychoanalytic theory on urban dictionary. it was because people became disgusting to me. ppl wrap themselves in rare unicode symbols like its rick. ppl read the most r-worded shit in the world and forget to turn airplane mode (being high) off. from the east to the west, no one is safe from...

ppl get into a mindset and just go go go. and then they keep going. wtf can you do about that. you cant tell them to turn around, unless you're in a open and infinite field, but if youre not and they're not, or you are but theyre not, theres no getting to them. its a long tunnel sometimes, the tunnel is sometimes cozy. if they have addict brain theyre staying in that tunnel. if they have ex-addict brain they might go in that tunnel if its cozy enough, they might go in the thnnel if they want to.

ppl love their mom on some level basically. even if u hate your mom or dont know her, u probably love her still. u might not want to admit it, u probably might have a good reason to say u dont love your mom, u might have a embarassing pathetic reason to say u dont. i mean it really goes back to that no matter what. its so crazy! i think the number one thing for people to do is to stop layering weird shit to care about on top of the most important things to care about.

in 2022, if your lifes not about eating sleeping shitting or partying im really concerned for you bro. life is beautiful, life in the world today is delicious, life is amazing right now. ur gonna go through so much pain and u will even die or maybe suffer something worse than death, but its going 2 be wonderful. say yes to continue