the first step is admitting u r losing ur edge

the first step is admitting u r losing ur edge


i just now listened 2 the brad troemel carles podcast. he said he didn't rly know wht alt-lit was but tht it was jst another attention economy. he mentioned his program manager @ siriusXM thought the category on hipster runoff tht was titled "alt-celebs" was funny. not any post in tht category but the term alt-celebs, like tht rly isnt a thing is it? lol. r people famous or r they hot? will they be remembered 4 wht they've done or will they be remembered bc they appear on ur "time line".

place is extremely important 2 culture. authentic culture doesnt happn over the air, thts just media, thts just transmission. if somethings real, dont tight-knit internet communities of artists always meet up irl? what happens when u cant do tht. what happens if u decide 2 do it anyway. what are u going 2 do about money and rent? do u have any? any of either? i know u can just do it if u want, but u dont have boyfriends or girlfriends or partners? if u cant leave where u are but youre alright, but youre going nowhere creatively cause theres no community, are u going to lie and say ur in a abusive housing situation and start a gofundme? do u pretend to be a fine artist and sell prints? do u have jailbroken inkjet cartridges?

this isnt independence is it... u arent free...

ghislane greenwald doesnt live in brazil anymore does he. so why does any1 care anymore. why would any1 care about anything he has 2 say beyond being gay in front of balsanero. who is toosie gabber? its mainstream 2 care about it all. its alt 2 not. the thing u hate is called neoliberalism, and its another name 4 liberalism, another name 4 conservatism, it's all that shit, its magic, its finance, its power, its control. r u antivax, r u built different, r u right, r u building something different, a different network, r u getting UR bag?? i cant stop u. i cant stop anything. im jst asking questions on my little blog i willingly dont make money off of. the scariest part of losing my edge by lcd soundsystem is when james murphy says "u dont know what u really waaant. u dont know what u really want." if u dont know what u really want u need to re-evaluate ur life. especially @ this point. if u say u do know but u just wont say, i know u probably just want money. just say that bro

u cant be post-left if the left hasn't actually existed since 1917. you're just mad at liberals still. i hate fake alt ppl. look up the alt-woke manifesto. u can use ccru and new models core magick at the same time, and u can be early red scare girl dimebag-left mode, art wont save us art wont save us! :)

remember her