one broiler room manifesto

one broiler room manifesto
flinstones car plant based meat cave society

cooking is the most ancient form of DJing. giving someone food is the most ancient form of love. dancing is the most ancient form of celebrating love. music is the most ancient form of art. art is the byproduct of a love of truth and the presence of art is the presence of love and truth so long as the art is not tainted by capital which negates the love and truth and produces antilove and antitruth and i do not mean hate or lies i mean a false love and a false truth and ultimately a false art. and its a bit like the way there is an antinutrition built on a false food pyramid that asks one to eat mostly that which is cheaply farmed and not to worry about having trace amounts of pesticides and plastic in ones food.

the distribution of fun, comfort, art, and love is totally fucked in this country. the distribution of meat, farms, and vegetables is totally fucked in this country. the parties shouldn’t just be in New York or LA. the farms shouldn’t just be in the middle American countries no one lives in and owned by swanson tyson dole or whatever fruity family tucker carglson is the heir of. the independent farms even should not just be operated by crunchy white boomers. everyone should know how to farm. everyone should frequently rave and be able to take part in little rituals of love, as opposed to the rituals of antilove one partakes in at the sports bar or the evangelical megachurch. gnosis is everything, the diet that works for u and makes u and your body feel good every day is a knowledge u carry and its to your benefit. your inner moment with god and the love and the light is yours, what god shows you is yours, how god manifests is yours, and if it’s real and you’re not crazy you’ll know that you’ve “come online” 2 the network and it will feel real bc it will be. its really what being woke is all about. theres nothing above or below that, it is directionless, its nowhere, it is the One, there is no 0, its the real deal and clear as day. god doesnt work in mysterious ways, he just loves, and people who don’t love actively and violently make the world worse by not loving. with this said, again, food is love, dancing is celebration, cooking is djing, ppl dance to djs. Broilerroom

the beautiful thing is that the image alone is funny. and anyone can do it if they have an instant pot. anyone can dj and cook food. its extremely easy to do. when you do it it’s going to feel right, youre at the greatest party of all time suddenly even if only 4 or 5 people are there. life is about music and you don’t need daft punk or whoever to tell you that. life is about food and we did need anthony bourdain to tell us this.(fuck asia argento):

the crypto ppl would rather us eat soylent, the misguided go crazy and put butter in their coffee and shit. consumer solutions 2 problems originating from too much consumption obviously don’t work. plant based burgers will not stop fast food meat cartels from doing what they do, only murder will. electric cars won’t fix the co2 emission problem because if everyone got an electric car we would need to mine and burn coal to meet the electricity demands, and we’re already doing that with crypto and elon musk likes crypto so like... the coal industry is "based" (the stupid and demonic way not the lil b way) and nonlinear warfaring. the solution is to redesign cities and neighborhoods and regulate where workplaces are so that anyone could use public transit to get to their work and their home instead of needing to live 2 cities over and needing a car and needing to drive over 45 minutes just to work part-time for $11 to 15 an hour. this isn’t the way life is supposed to work, it’s the way life is, but it doesn’t have to be this way, it’s inefficient, it doesn’t make sense. what makes sense is god and joy and love, if it feels good cultivate it, if it cannot be cultivated something has to change, and i mean something has got to change, or else: or else people will die, and if it doesn’t change after that then more people will die and on and on until there’s no one left. no one should wait around to die. at my moms funeral they asked everyone to be a warrior for god or that christians shouldnt shy away from politics or something vaguely Qanon like that, but more importantly and more truely they said god is love, or maybe no one said that and i was just wanting to say it and hear it. contrary to contemporary american christian thought jesus is not a king, jesus is just a human vessel of god's love, and god's love is what god is, and god is everywhere and in all things, and love has the potentiality to be everywhere and in all things. some scenes are godless/loveless by choice, not the scene's choice but babylon's choice (whatever that means,) every1 has the power to change it after recieving gnosis (whatever that means,) sum ppl are born with gnosis and are painted as  crazy in the portraits of the liberal art superstars. wtf am i talking about... start djing and cooking at the same time for your friends and neighbors NOW lol