you mind if i politicize dance music

you mind if i politicize dance music

over the past decade, much has been said about dance music, the recording industry that profits from it, the promoters who fuck people over, the clubs that either close down and turn into sports bars or struggle to cater to a changing demographic of frat kids who are expecting music festival/"annual money laundering event" vibes, the millions of bald european men and women with unclear backstories and obscene amounts of expensive music gear who are always featured on resident advisor – a music publication that is actually a concert ticketing service which is also a form of money laundering as well and i don't just mean in the way they funnel good press into ticket sales into money in the pockets of these strange bald people, the whitewashing of dance music's history and by proxy the gentrification and eurocentralization of dance music as a whole, the war on drugs and joe biden's R.A.V.E. act which was so stupid it never actually passed in a legit way and had to be snuck into an amber alert bill, frank ocean's stupid version of tunnel, rudy giuliani, why the FBI CIA and DEA are dumb and haters, and a lot more stuff.. has been said.. over the past decade. and we are at an epoch is what i'm basically saying.

no shit sherlock.. you look like moby.. bitch

we are at an epoch. and after that second pfizer shot stops kicking your ass and you finish playing dumb and exhaust your unemployment and get that coolsculpting and those veneers and that Real 303 and Real 808 and start trying to make Bandcamp Electro .FLAC NFTs and cute little tiktoks about what u learned at the Boston DSA weekly zoom meeting for a living you're gonna be real disappointed at the world that awaits u unless all that work u got done made you really hot. in that case just enjoy it, buy me lunch, let me crash at your place, i'll sell u some acid cause who knows if the dark web is safe anymore in america cause it's 2022 and kamala harris is the president and when she said she was listening to 2pac mixtapes and smoking weed in college she was making fun of all of us who seek repose from the everyday nightmares of globalism and it just flew right over angela yee, charlemagne the god, and dj envy's heads. how could they be so foolish... i wish tekashi 69 could have been there to call her stoopid but really it all seems so hopeless even as "these uncertain times" come to a disproportionate head that doesn't feel right somehow.

people are saying this summer in 2021 is going to be the second summer of love and i want to tell them they're wrong. the people making this claim fail to consider how strong the deep state has become since the assassination of fred hampton on december 4th, 1969. they also fail to consider that perhaps the original summer of love was up the sleeves of the deep state the entire time, if not that, at least most of the LSD in america in the summer of '69 was distributed by the CIA via Ronald Stark's involvement with the brotherhood of eternal love. timothy leary may have been a legitimate lsd prophet at first but u have to admit the feds got his ass when they broke him out of prison. yes i said the feds broke him out of prison. they were trying to prank richard nixon into wanting to pass anti-drug policy, which he did in 1971.

the funny thing is, nixon didn't know about poppers so this didn't stop disco, and everyone's acid stashes in 70s new york stayed in good condition because the lofts everyone was illegally living in had uneven heating and plenty of cool, dark, and most importantly dry places thanks to the exposed brick and in some cases – asbestos. if you keep it in tinfoil nixon couldn't stop you from being in a nonhierarchical cult based on 100% pure spiritual love for all men that perhaps failed to capture national attention because of studio 54 and andy warhol's stupid and dead ugly face taking away all the PURPOSE and REALNESS of THE LOFT and the PARADISE GARAGE corrupting the MESSAGE OF THE MOVEMENT with CELEBRITY and MEDIA SPECTACLE but did not fail to set reverberations across the world because we still are able to think of dance music as this beautiful thing because of david mancuso and larry levan and ken collier and frankie knuckles and all the other good and nice people of the golden age of disco. and i don't think the beautiful concepts of 70s dance culture would have been there if it weren't for the communist ideology, words, and actions of the black panthers and the youth international party. the latter providing the humor in the future vision of the good and based side of 60's radical politics. not that the BPP wasn't funny cause they could be sometimes, especially in their newspaper, also when eldridge cleaver challenged ronald reagan to a fist fight that was extremely funny like as if he knew reagan posessed one of the organs they will use to animate the antichrist in the year 2666. but abbie and jerry did a little trolling, and whose to say jerry wasn't attempting to do a little trolling near the end of his life which was tragically cut short by a car hitting him and killing him. remember: you can't be mad at jerry rubin for being a stockbroker if you follow any contemporary artist or musician who is even mildly interested in cryptocurrency or daytrading. i don't make the rules.

one day in the near future when i myself recover from tht second pfizer shot.. and maybe it will be called pfizer mark ii that would be cool.. im going 2 throw a party somewhere... in new england maybe.. or i'll go to grad school and do it with some student loans in berlin and no normal person will be able to access it. its going 2 be cool.. and its going to parody boiler room and get covered by whatever will replace vice in a few months now that finally everyones convinced they are feds and it will be called broiler room. and youre going 2 eat food at it if u come cause the DJ also has to cook food like with a portable cooktop isn't that funny. and some guy is gonna be like "i do content development for tastemade x mixmag and this could be like a fader beat the clock type challenge but it goes an hour to a whole night and the guest has 2 cook and dj like ur doing this shit would go viral on tiktok streaming, soundcloud is trying to get into live video content maybe that too" and i'll be like "yes thats exactly what i thought 2 or 3 years ago when i came up with this in art school and wasn't able to pull it off because of covid-19 and i couldn't secure space in my city cause the venue owner didn't think it would be worth his time financially." then i'm gonna make it out of this section 8 dump bro and get a car... fuck... let's all say 'The Artist's Diary' together ok? on 1, 2, 3 – ready?




The Artist's Diary

does anyone have a .flac of this hmu

reading list:

Love Saves the Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979 by Tim Lawrence

the red bull music academy articles about the loft, the paradise garage, ken collier

read some old black panther newspapers

Do It! by jerry rubin, get to that page where he talks about the yippie-panther alliance. try to ignore the n-bombs it was a different time he was trying to provoke his readership back when tht meant something... in the 60s.. u know... im sure he would apologize if he wasnt dead from murder

google anything u can about ken collier

chill play some black ops listen to all those ciapilled d-bag left podcasts its kind of fun they're actually not cringe as long as whoever ur listening to is over the age of 26 and not actively in the DSA. its fun. add me on COD also DM me lets play zombies... well no i usually play MP but most ppl wanna play zombies so i just figured oh u play MP ok let's do that