rob dyrdek 24/7 everyday in USA

rob dyrdek 24/7 everyday in USA

clearly MTV's interests don't lie in the success of mat dryhurst's "the main stream music industry." MTV is interested in MTV's success. MTV is interested in cultivating Robert Dyrdek's empire of epicness.

the shockwaves Robert sends across the world will open holes for the water, soil, and seeds that will sprout another group of college students who like to party. and all they will have to do is party, and they will redefine partying to mean drinking and cheating and yelling at someone and then apologizing. parties will come to be known as wholly aggressive, they will only attract hurt people, or people with holes in their identity, or holes in their creative fulfillment they don't even know are there. on the surface there is nothing wrong with this, because it's about having fun, but one should consider the e-girl hegelian argument for mandatory therapy. everything and everyone is fucked up.

MTV will not bear responsibility for this because it isn't their fault. Rob Dyrdek gives them good reasons to stay in a relationship with him. Rob Dyrdek asks if MTV is really that unhappy, MTV is too afraid of Rob Dyrdek to tell the truth, and too afraid of what would happen if Rob Dyrdek were to suddenly leave without giving MTV a chance to get their things together. MTV's parent company thinks Rob Dyrdek is a nice 40 year old man with a good work ethic. MTV's friends appreciate the ability to have Rob Dyrdek - a very popular guy - come to their streaming services, and impress everyone with his knowledge of funny viral videos and dope/professional skateboard-related antics/activities. MTV used to be interested in tangible things, now it's just interested in letting Rob Dyrdek thrive and pay for their lifestyle. But what is it all for?

people used to criticize MTV for not playing music videos. that doesn't matter, and never mattered. i was the first to say that it's called music television, not music video television, not MVTV. anything related to music or the culture of musicians and music enthusiasts should be permitted and accepted for MTV to air: skateboard videography is related to music culture, documentaries of huge parties are related to music culture, video art is related to music culture kind of, music journalism is related to music culture, the politics of the poor is related to music culture if you think about it, the deep spiritual enjoyment of music present in practices like qawwali or doing acid and listening to disco or trance is pure music culture.

etymological analysis of "MUSIC TELEVISION" will show you something insane: a telecommunicative vision of music, an invisible feeling and form of expression. can you imagine that shit? for a brief moment it existed in kimya dawson covering electroclash for mtv news, in this episode of 120 minutes hosted by thurston moore featuring beck and mike d, in some of the shit noisey did pre-viceland i know you saw that shit.

fuck TRL, fuck anything that could help a little bald man know what's popular, that's all over and also impossible. those rico nasty clones that tried to blow up on tiktok went NOWHERE. (*mark fisher voice* there was something there in MTV that) could feed the imagination and inspire and make the culture better, and when i speak of culture i speak of the real culture, not the theoretical model that was referenced in a Complex boardroom meeting in 2012? 2013? and has been analyzed and studied by harvard researchers ever since.