ugly and in pain, you're not hallucinating

ugly and in pain, you're not hallucinating
dr.bronner was right about everything. read that again out loud. now its the truth 

"the difference between left and right, liberal and not-liberal, is a set of opinions on things that are trending on twitter. i work in media. i am media. i consume media. i let people know what i think. im not a liberal. i am but im not. i love how insane everyone is becoming, because they're becoming like me." - freak

"the two men who took a photo together outside of kfc were there on assignment. the attention they command is the metric by which their labor is valued. they attempted to communicate excitement about a plant-based mimicry of the traditional american dish of fried chicken breasts and thighs in a paper tub. whether they were really excited or not is unknown." - depressed

"i'm not whining, you're whining. i'm not a pussy, you're a pussy. i am never scared and i am never paranoid, cause with sincere regards to what actually matters, i know what's happening. i'm listening and looking just like you are. i just turn away when i'm being invited to be demoralized." - asshole

"there is a monster under your bed. there is also a monster in your closet. if your mattress is on the floor or you do not have a closet, there is a monster in the alleyway on your way to work. if you live in the alleyway and you do not have a job, then i don't know what to tell you. go do heroin." - bitch

we are used to there only being four or five platforms by now. we are used to monopolies: corporate and social and cultural by now. anytime something new happens it is viewed as a threat. sometimes it is a threat. we don't know what is being threatened. we're addicted to facts of life and things being facts of life. there have been lots of new facts of life popping up in the last few who cares. you're born not knowing any of them except your parents, and in that moment nothing should ever matter to you except their smiling face. with nothing to be happy about or look forward to nothing should ever matter. we're just capitalists and that's the way it is. life is suffering and that's just the way it is. and so it's okay, and so look for something new and 'get interested' and invent the future.

we know that no one is ever actually cancelled. we know that any call to amend the material world to be more just and fair will be met with rejection in the form of boos, hisses, and geeky f***oty nitpicking and especially so if you try to be lighthearted about it and come with snacks for everybody. any attempt to play their game will result in it being rigged against you, and then they will gaslight you. the dark place where you will be bled and you will gnash your teeth is the world of man. you are here now. im not trying to do us and theming. we can be them in times of confusion and anger, they can be us in times of confusion and anger. even deep state employees are us, everyone has a job, if there was ever a patient zero it would be communication, but life isn't a pandemic, its life. i am not being negative, i'm being real.

people are hungry, looking 2 be fed. but everything has been cheapened. the internet used to not be real life. now it's real life. there's only one solitary beauty in this. cyberbullying is real. and you can walk away from the screen just as easy as you can find whoever was talking shit and beat their ass. and maybe they'll beat your ass instead,  but you will have proved something to them. and if they don't respect that, fuck them

if you look at the sun long enough you won't be able to find any reasons to cry. it doesn't mean the reasons aren't there or that they lack the capability of making you sad. you're just blind because you looked at the sun for too long, and maybe you need to feel it a different way. the damage lcd screens do to your eyes is comparable to glancing at the sun without eye protection. do you get the little metaphor? its not a poison more than it is a drug. and there is nothing new under the sun. it's the same old shit every day. they just turn the volume up and put an effect on it.

it's going to make you feel extremely stupid. you're going to feel out of the loop, but that's good, because history repeats itself and liberal history is at the end of its end. but its going to have spasms and its going to scream at you and tell you to die. its going to threaten to haunt you because it learned how to say that from its enemy and is pulling out all the stops to get you to pay attention to it. the minute you indulge, the longer it will live. and a snake can live without its body for a time. and people are going to wear its face on t-shirts, and pay tribute to it and hold candlelight vigils. and try to revive it and dig through the wreckage, and try to sneak some of its body into your food, and blame the awful taste on the new recipe. all you can do is walk with love, knowledge, and care, and flick people off and open a can of whoop ass if they don't like that or try to fuck u up.

the needs of the many will always outweigh the petty social or cultural disagreements of the few, who are still part of the many but are picky. look so deeply inward that you start to see nothing. ask yourself why you're in pain or, why you're not in pain. imagine you're the only person in the world and youre just dominated by machines built by humans that are long gone. are you happy or not? now imagine you're the "opposite" of u. are you happy or not? do you know where we're going? more importantly, do you know why? don't tell me to subscribe to your patreon or substack. do you know what's causing our ailment? don't quote a philosopher, theorist, prophet, or social media post. it's clear without any of that. do you know? i didn't say 'who', i said 'what'. do you know? find me and look me in my eyes and tell me if you're so sure, or don't. there's a clear path to a world that is just and makes sense and all you need is love to see it, is that gay or r-worded to say? i don't care. i do not care. love is the author of all truth, and nothing matters more than love. if you deny this, how dare you, how could you, and i'll never smoke you up. what are you if not human?